Understanding That Your WordPress Blog is Not So Safe

WordPress is a free blogging software which you can use to create your own blog and that are social network friendly.

You can either choose to host your own blog through a blog web host or you can host a free one over at wordpress.com.

Either way, there are some security risks out there which you should be made aware of. Understand that hackers are out to find easy website targets and many times websites which are powered by older versions of WordPress are highly susceptible to getting hacked.

So let’s take a look at the following:

  1. Methods hackers use to hack your site
  2. 2 killers that allow hackers to hack blogs

Methods Hackers Use To Hack You (and your website)

Ways people hack into blogs might include:

- Watching for your login session and intercepting your username and password.
- Watching for your FTP session and intercepting your username and password.
- Intercept emails to and from your computer which might include your username and password.
- Make use of deception and trickery to gain access to your blog.
- Look for files and directories which might not be secured right and visible online.
- Use SQL Injection to hack into your database.
- Use brute force password discovery to crack your password.
- Finding targets by knowing what to search for in search engines.
- Making use of viruses.

2 KILLERS That Allow Hackers To Hack Blogs

As the title above says, there are two big killers when it comes to the resulting factors as to why people’s blogs get hacked all the time.

I) Lack of *knowledge* – which we’ve already talked about in detail in previous tutorials.

II) *Procrastination* – this is a big killer. I’ve talked about blog security time and time again–in forums, my blog, guest blog articles, emails, webinars, interviews, comment sections… you name it. And the scary part is, everyone always agrees with me that it’s a good idea to secure their blogs… but they don’t do it?

Let’s face it, you started a blog because you were passionate about a topic. You want to concentrate on your writing and building relationships – I get it, so do I.

WordPress security kind of just fell into my lap one day and I really embraced it. And when I showed my friends what I learned, they convinced me to take some time and detail it all out for everyone else to see and learn from.

Like anything in life, you can’t only do the parts that are fun. From time to time you need to clean the house, wash the car, change the oil, mow the grass… because if you don’t, what happens? The house becomes unlivable, the car breaks down, the over grown grass makes your house appear ugly and you get bugs, etc.

If you tell yourself, “I’ll secure my blog later”, you’re probably just kidding yourself.

I’ve been around in this business a long time and I know what happens. Unless you act TODAY, the likelihood that you will ever actually secure your blog is pretty low, unless you get hacked that is!

And it’ll only be then that you realize securing your blog should be at the TOP of your list.

This is how I see it go all the time and it breaks my heart. People agree it’s a good idea to secure their blogs, but they don’t, not until after their blog is ruined. I’m not sure if it’s a money thing, a trust factor in me, or a true understanding of the problem, but in my experience procrastination always manages to be one of the key factors in why so many blogs get hacked.

Discover Jon A Jackson, the mystery writer and his Fang

4826_f248They call him Fang

Fang Mulheisen is a good cop who had an even better teacher, a cop known as Grootka. Fang runs up against an out of town pro, a hit man named Joe Service, who is sometimes a little better, and stays a step ahead. Jon Jackson’s detective series is known as the Detective Sergeant Fang Mulheisen series. I see at as three interwoven series: some feature Mulheisen, some feature Grootka, and some feature Service.

No matter, it’s a great series; a series that is best devoured from the beginning. The characters evolve and their stories are told in layers, layers sometimes flow between books. These are urban cop stories, so think noir. They are set in Detroit, so think dirty motor oil noir. Jon Jackson writes characters and stories about those characters that absorb you to the last page, and amazingly you feel satisfied when you close the book.

Fang Mulheisen is a good cop, a little bit bull, but not nearly as much of a bull as his mentor, Grootka. He is schooled by Grootka, but develops a different style. Fang lives with his mom until her death, so we get to see this big cop come home, care for his mother and be a little bullied by her. On the streets he is a grinding police machine, obsessed with the open case, and struggles to remain human.

Grootka is a shadow in the series until his namesake book,”Grootka”. He’s as hard cased as his name sounds. When he was on the force he cut corners, bashed heads, and forced solutions. Grootka is a retired cop when he is drawn into a case; makes things complicated for Mulheisen and reveal some of his soul.

I enjoy Fang, but I may look forward to Joe Service more. Joe Service grows from a relatively small player in a Fang Mulheisen case, to the main player in some of the subsequent books. You see, Joe is a contract killer, and a darn good one. In the beginning he’s just a face, a trigger-man, and a problem solver. Then Jon goes and gives him some personality, some humane characteristics, some personal problems and a girl friend, and bang, he’s a protagonist!

My favorite book in the series is the “Blind Pig”. If you know what a blind pig is, you know this story takes place in the small hours of the morning. If you don’t know the meaning, I’m not going to tell you – read the book. In fact, if you are only going to get to read one Jon Jackson book in your life, then let it be the “Blind Pig”!

Jon Jackson is an interesting guy: a writer; a teacher of writing; an ax fan (that’s a sax max); a cigar aficionado; an angler; a Detroit guy, gone Montanan.

Free Background Record – Where to get Free Background Records

Where to get free background records

Are you looking for free background records so you can find out everyhting there is to know your employee, friend, date, neighbor?

There is one thing you must be aware of: There is nothing like a free background records. There a free background records search engines that appear as if they were free, but they are not.

The initial search of the background records is free. But when background records are found, you are asked to pay a fee to view them.

This is something many people are disappointedd with when starting to perform online investigations on their own. They fall for the first scam and the say that everything with online investigation is crap. Let me tell you: it is not. You just have to know where to look for it.

Nowadays more and more specialized search engines have become available which offer the same data that years ago only the FBI had access to. I would always give preference to “membership-type” of research sites as they only charge one flat fee – and not a fee for each single search.

Searching for background records I have found out so many things about people I thought I had known. It can really be very revealing.

I personally use Instant Background Report. They have proven to obe the most reliable background records search engine that I know of.

Law & Order: Script of Jesse Martin’s final episode that NBC doesn’t want you to see

I know many of you out there are wondering what is going to happen to Law & Order’s Detective Ed Green? Well if you want to be surprised next Wednesday, DO NOT READ THIS. But if you want a sneak peek at some key lines from the script so you can amaze your friends and co-workers with your foresight and knowledge go ahead and keep reading about what will become of Detective Ed Green.

Don’t ask me how but I was able to get my hands on a copy of the script. Chances are that NBC will be a bit upset when they see that this leaked out but here is a peak into the detective’s final episode.

About a year and a half into Green’s tour with the homicide division, 9/11 occurred. Not too many months following this, Green was recruited by he CIA to work as an spy and later as an interrogator. Somehow – not clearly spelled out in the script – the CIA knew that he had spent three years studying abroad in Iraq and Syria and was fluent in Arabic. Green did not offer up information on his Arabic aptitude when applying to the NYPD for fear of being refused a job, and for some reason it was never found in his background checks.

So what started out as domestic spy work for the CIA soon turned into interrogation and eventually torture sessions, including water boarding, which Green eventually admitted while he was being interrogated by two FBI agents.

Being charged with using illegal torture techniques was bad enough considering the current climate surrounding torture. But what really sent Ed packing was an incident involving former partner Lennie Briscoe. One night, not long after Lennie had taken the job as a DA Investigator, the two got together for dinner to catch up. (Lennie retired only to return as a DA Investigator on L&O Trial by Jury.) After dinner, Lennie dropped Ed off at his apartment.

What follows is Ed’s court testimony:

The Testimony

Detective Briscoe must have looked back and saw that I didn’t go into my apartment, but rather into the car with Harris and Roe (CIA agents). He must have tailed us all the way to the warehouse where the interrogations were occurring.

Cutter: “You mean the torture – water boarding and other techniques ruled as illegal under international not to mention New York State law. Withdrawn. What happened next, Mr. Green?”

Green: “As I said, Detective Briscoe had tailed us to the warehouse. One of the CIA agents caught him as he was trying to leave the warehouse.

Cutter: Why was he leaving?

Green: “I would guess to get back-up.”

Cutter: “Go on.”

Green: “When they brought him into the interrogation room and he saw me (Green lowers hid head as voice begins breaking)…I never saw that look before. He knew right then what was going on. He knew I had been lying to him all those years and he knew that he had been betrayed.”

Cutter: “Then what happened, Mr. Green?”

Green: “Detective Roe took Detective Briscoe into the next room and there was one gun shot. (Green looks away from all the eyes that are on him in the courtroom as his own eyes begin to well up.)

That was the big scene of course. Any avid followers of Law & Order know that the actor who played Briscoe, Jerry Orbach, died of prostate cancer in 1994, not long after stating on Trial By Jury. It was said that Briscoe had died as well, but details of his death were never given, leaving it open for this wonderful episode. Well now that I ruined it for you your Wednesday night is now open. Just kidding. There are other twists that I didn’t uncover that will keep it as interesting as ever. So tune in and check it out. I know I will.

Child custody battle tips

Few tips from someone who knows about child custody:

First most importantly is always put your child first. It’s not about you or your soon to be “ex-spouse” or “ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend.” Your Childs life is greatly effected by what you chose to do from the moment you split or begin to “FIGHT FOR” Child Custody. Talking about situations in front of your child or children makes them feel bad. Point blank, DO NOT EVER DO THIS! Inside you really want your child to Hate the other parent, but what you are really doing is putting hardship, emotional distress, and future problems in even your own relationship towards you and your child.

Every child DESERVES a happy, healthy, wonderful relationship with everyone they are related to! Period! Put yourself in your Childs situation. Think if your parents behaved in a hateful, yelling, or disgusting manner in front of you. How would you feel? You are in the middle. No child wants to make either one of their parents upset with them or even to see their parents fight in front of them or hear anything about how the other parent feels towards the other. YOU WILL MAKE YOUR CHILD SAD, UPSET, CONFUSED, WITHDRAWL, AND EVEN MORE.

Don’t be fake with your child, don’t buy your child, don’t suffocate your child or make them feel that what you feel is more important than what they are feeling.

Years down the road you will look back at everything you have either tried to do or have been successful at through your child and wonder if you really did always make the right choice. Here is a great way to make sure you will not ever feel that way. Love your child everyday you see them. Look out for them, their health, well-being, spiritually, socially, make sure they have a sound, safe, loving environment with no hostility whatsoever. Your child will grow up and learn that the good they have received in their lifetime can be carried to their own children or other relationships they will have in the future. That they have a voice of their own and they will think on their own. People take advantage to often of children and end up hurting them more when they only think of themselves. I guarantee you that if you are the positive, caring parent that’s where your child will want to be. I guarantee you if you are the parent that has turned your child into a possession over many years or even short term your child will NOT ever want to be with you no matter if they tell you that they want to be with you. They only tell you this because of their own fear weather or not you want to believe that they are fearful of you.

Having attorneys involved is practical sound advice. But be careful of what advice you follow at times and think clearly the following:

Is what your attorney is either having you do or say the best for your child? Is this turning into a he said she said battle? If this is true and you follow bad advice here’s a little info for you. No matter if you are getting a divorce or never married to the Mother/Father you CAN lose your child. ALWAYS make a sound choice to your attorney concerning your child. Don’t ever fall into bad advice for this is a TEST every attorney has to do. Determining on weather you think of yourself or your child first and if you really have their best interest at heart and not vengeance of the other parent.

Lawyers 101: Everything You Need To Know Before You Hire An Attorney

4chanYou may have buddies and coworkers who discuss their legal professional as though it had been properly typical to possess 1. Though the charges of working with a attorney are prohibitive for the regular man or woman, there are methods to have legitimate staff on retainer for a small fraction of the cost of hiring one in desperate situations. Read through on this page about how to get these law firms and how to set up the relationship.

If a person accuses you of spending a severe crime, you need to employ a legal professional at the earliest opportunity. You mustn’t try to defend on your own simply because ignorance of the legislation could make you crack it. Excellent legal professionals consist of enough experience for dealing with your needs.

It is crucial that the legal professional you work with is a that is experienced on the area you need assistance with. As an illustration, should you need a attorney to get a breakup, it would stop being smart to engage a attorney focusing on taxes. If you hire a legal professional informed about the trouble, you need help with, you have a greater probability of good success.

A very important factor that is very important when selecting a legal representative is convenience. A frequent criticism between people is that their lawyer is hard to achieve. You shouldn’t get stuck questioning what’s going on with your case just because you have a legal representative that’s on vacation.

An excellent hint if you’re thinking of working with a legal representative is usually to not get swept aside with only the price by yourself. Picking out the most affordable lawyer about isn’t always the most effective idea, and it may basically set you back much more over time since they will not be extremely experienced.

If you need a legal professional, you need to ensure you locate one who is within the appropriate jurisdiction. Quite often it will be easy to locate a legal representative that is registered to rehearse within the state you reside in. Make certain they are capable of training regulation inside your express.

Talk with your lawyer. An excellent legal professional ought to be an easy task to communicate with and call you back easily after you leave a sound-snail mail. You should not think twice to get in touch with your lawyer to inquire about some updates or plan standard sessions which means that your legal representative can provide you with more details on what they have been focusing on.

Well before a lawyer functions on your own scenario, signal a binding agreement about charges. This is perfect for you simply because you will save monetary anxieties when you should be worrying relating to your case. Also, it keeps you must arranged.

Avoid lawyers who offer that they can very easily earn your circumstance. It is a warning sign for a relaxed, sub-standard legal representative. Law may be challenging, plus your lawyer should be eager to look at your case from all of the sides. Select one mindfully.

You must not go with a lawyer without the need of conference them. Conference your legal representative face-to-face will provide you with a greater thought should they will likely be a good in shape or not. Hiring a legal professional without conference using them initial might be a disaster. You can even see how effectively you will get coupled.

Regardless of your reason behind wanting a lawyer it is crucial that you know at the very least a bit on how to pick a high quality one. You must also know what you should expect. Use the things you figured out in the following paragraphs to help you whenever you end up seeking a legitimate expert in your life.